Oldboy Flash Game

The following Flash game is based on the Korean film “Oldboy”.  The film follows the story of a man who has been imprisoned in a room for 15 years before being freed.  He does not know why he has been imprisoned.  When he is released, he realises he he is being watched and his every move has already been planned out for him.  I decided to focus on the theme of imprisonment and the psychology behind this.  After lengthy research, I incorporated elements into my Flash game of the experiences the human mind experiences whilst being incarcerated and isolated for extended periods of time.  Repetition as seen in the wallpaper, as well as tunnels, corridors, ants and kaleidoscopic patterns are all part of the experience.  Ants and small animals are seen in hallucinations by individuals who are isolated and lonely for periods of time because ants tend to travel around in groups and companionship is what the individual longs for.

The following game was created in Adobe Flash using actionscripts and all photographs and set ups were created by myself.